Core Focus Areas to promote your Establishment
Weavers core focus is to promote establishments under its portfolio by ensuring a sound marketing strategy, online presence combined with an efficient reservations service.   
Action Plan and Goal:
“Weavers” will strive to expose your establishment through its professional and personal networking service in an ever growing and competitive market.
Close co-operation with major Tour Operators, Product Managers and targeted online platforms.
Weavers will follow certain guiding principles necessary to target your suppliers and markets. These marketing principles will be set out in a detailed proposal once we engage.
We will provide you with a definition of what our services include and define the Key Areas of action that yield results.
Promotion go hand in hand with:
  • Internet Exposure
  • Selective Advertising
  • Brochure OR Trade Directories
  • Strategic Partnership
  • New Media e.g. good quality images
  • Participation at selected Trade Shows
Weavers offer a comprehensive Marketing service at a set monthly fee.
Certain fees which are not covered under our marketing are:
  • Advertising in Guide books, Tourism publications and Magazines
  • Website development or optimization services
  • Graphic designing and printing of any promotional material
  • Subscription to any marketing or promotional campaigns
  • Media and photography
  • Participation at Networking, Trade Shows or Expos that include stand fees, travel and accommodation
Weavers also offer a comprehensive Reservations Service:
We make use of the “Nightsbridge” system and software.
The existing establishments under our portfolio are setup individually according to the lodge’s room configuration and is hosted by Weavers Reservations Office. The data for each lodge remain the property of the establishment and is transferable upon request. Each establishment is responsible for its own monthly instalment while hosted by Nightsbridge. 
The advantages of using the Nightsbridge system are:
  • It is a fully functional Reservations system with real-time availability 24/7
  • Bookings generated via the online booking platforms are automatically synchronized on the Nightsbridge system
  • Rates and availability display automatically when guests book online
  • Reservations are done more accurately with less human error involved
  • Electronic booking sheets can be accessed by the establishment if sufficient internet connectivity is available. The establishment can thus book direct guests or walk-in`s on the system  
  • Weavers Reservations office remain in constant communication with the lodge regarding arrivals and payment procedures on bookings
  • Special notes or certain arrangements can be added to each booking as required and for the lodge to note the specifics before guests arrive  
  • Certain reports can be generated out of Nightsbridge to assist with revenue, occupancy and other statistical requirements
  • Provisional bookings can be diarized for follow up dates or provisional bookings can be set to expire if not confirmed by a specific date
  • Provisional or Confirmed bookings are made in writing on a proper confirmation document.
  • Invoices are generated by the reservations system and sent out to the individual or company responsible for payment
  • The Nightsbridge system is one of the most compatible reservations programs to link with almost any Online booking platform. Where other Reservations programs require additional fees to link with Online platforms, Nightsbridge link free of charge or only require a small administration fee. 
We look forward discussing your business potential.
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